Author Gatekeeper (Guardian)

John 5:17 17 But Jesus said to them, "My Father never stops working, and so I keep working, too."

Genesis 2:2 2And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the
seventh day from all His work which He had made.

Yet again we find a paradox here as God stops and ceases from His creating and yet we see that
God "Stepped back " from creating the earth and all that He had made in the "physical or
material realm" at that point in time, but at the same "time " we see that God never ceases
from His work !!

Time may have existed before creation, as this may have been Gods time setout in the
eternal realm and in Gods time there is eternity and in eternity may be Gods time, but at
the point of God creating the "heavens and the earth " God had only just created time
for man

The heavenly spheres and revolving globes were set into motion , being created to
give us the times and years , the days and the hours, the seasons and the times

All and every planet and star has a reason and a meaning and a purpose and has been
set into place and in motion by God to create what we know as "time " that is the
24 hour clock

At the point of God "stepping back " and looking at what He had created , time had only
just been started for us earthly mortals and God needing no rest, kind of "stepped back "
on that last day and said " It is good ...I am pleased "

This brings to my mind another time when God "stepped back " and He was not pleased
with His creation and at this time He sent the flood

This also brings to mind another time when God looked and "stepped back " and said
"This is my Son , with Him I am well pleased "

Time and time again we need to "step back" from what we are doing and examine ourselves
and our comings and goings and let God search us and see if there is anything in us that
is not pleasing to God

Many times since the beginning of time God has "stepped back" for He does not need rest,
and He has gazed upon us and said " With you I am well pleased "

For as Christians we are "new creations" its like " IT IS FINISHED "

And God kind of "steps back " to look at His new creations 'In time '
And He is well pleased, for in us He see's Jesus, but again God is "Past,Present and Future"

Although the work is finshed, it is still in motion and continues on into the future, for He
who " Stepped back " continues to work on and He who began a work will carry it on,

For we who are saved are being saved and will be saved and God never ceases from His
Labours, and the creator will always create and with Him there are no barriers.

For He who made a day Holy wants us to live in that day and He who "stepped back "
wants us to "step back " from the world, for He who made the day "Holy " has made
US  "Holy" and we rest NOT IN A DAY, BUT WE REST IN JESUS

As if resting in a DAY
could ever satisfy us and as if that day were a "day in the week" for of course we know that
we give each and every day to God, Resting in a day of the week will leave us exausted, and we
know that only resting in Jesus will only satisfy us ! DONT WE ?

And He who has "stepped back " to watch His new creations , will gaze upon us and say,

Genesis Child

O Child within me

I carry you in me and I wonder what I have done

When will my child be ready to face the world ?
How Long must I carry and have birth pains ?
You are growing within me and the child leaps for joy inside me
Your burden is light and I do not carry you but you carry me
I know that whatever I do is going to have an affect on you my unborn child . growing inside
I must be careful what I say and even the fear I may feel may affect you
You hear my every heartbeat and know every emotion that I feel
You listen to everything I say and you are affected by everything I do
My child within me, you wait, you wait
Do I carry you or do you carry me ?
My Child within me I long for the day when I shall see you face to face

O my child I gasp and pant for you Isaiah 42:14 You shall have a new birth and life Psalm 22:9-10

The waters of new birth Job 38:8-9 John 7:38 And I will not forget you Isaiah 49:15-16 Did I give birth to you ? Numbers 11:11-12 Will I not carry you and sustain you ? Isaiah 46:3 Are you my darling Child ? will I not have mercy on you ? Jeremiah 31:20

O orphaned child of the world I shall be your comforter
In The Beginning

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God - John1:1
And in the beginning the Holy Spirit of God being the first mover upon the face of the earth,
investigated and searched, for the Holy Spirit of God searches all things and even God Himself And the Holy Spirit of God who was in the beginning of time that we know as time who Himself
made time if there was time before the planets and stars were made, !!

In the beginning of time was the word who was God And the Holy Spirit of God investigated and hovered over the face of the creating and evolving mass and hovered - passed over -
fluttered - flew - brooded over the waters of the deep as indeed He searches the deep things of God And He brooded as a mother over the face of the deepness of things

Deuteronomy 32:11 "Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, That hovers over its young,
He spread His wings and caught them, He carried them on His pinions.

And He "The Holy Spirit" brooded and hovered over this new creation Matthew 23:37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest
them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! New Creation

Under the wings of the Holy Spirit who was the first mover and investigator did the waters gather for assembly The Holy Spirit brooded over the waters, or hovered,danced,skipped,flew, walked over the
waters and the waters of the deep stood up to give an account

And the waters stirred as the Holy Spirit hovered over those waters and the waters of the deep
grew restless and stirred as God walked on the waters

The Holy Spirit of God investigated the waters of the deep as He flew over those waters

You can almost imagine Him
calling out "PEACE BE STILL " and the waters calmed Matthew 8:25-31 could this be the
only time God walked on the waters ?

And the chaotic mass that was created out of nothing was nothing and had not yet been made was
made and created and it was a new creation

And the elements cried out "WHAT SHALL WE BE ? "

And the atoms creid out "WHERE ARE WE TO BE ? "

And the Molecules cried out " WHERE SHOULD WE GO ? "

And the breathe of the Ruah wind breathed from Gods mouth and placed each tiny atom upon
its place and the nucleus of the atom upon its place and the protons and the electrons and the
atom was conceived and bore upon itself the foundations of life that were Jesus

And before the DNA Strands of life were born and conceived God did look upon each and every
tiny cell
and put it in its place and it was perfect

And after the waters had cried out for placement and the elements had cried out

You could almost here the voices of all those whom were to come crying out the same thing
through the ages of time as man sought after God and cried out with a loud voice


And from this seemingly chaotic water of mass that had come to peace and had been formed and placed
where it should go so the will of God was done as the Atoms and the Elements obeyed

And God with His Mother heart Fathered the land and came forth the foundations of the earth and
all that was upon it and it was good

And God through the ages of time calls His children to Him each one by their name and they
are a new creation, the old has gone behold all things are new, and this new creation of the
Genesis time cries out "WHERE SHOULD WE GO ? " WHAT SHOULD WE DO ? "

And the Holy Spirit of God hovers over His children and says "PEACE BE STILL "

New Birth

Genesis 1:27 says,

"God created man in his own image,
In the image of God he created him;
Male and female he created them ."

Can you imagine the intimacy as Father God crouches down and breathes His life into the
nostrils of Adam ? face to face, eye to eye, !!

Oooo the Elijah Wind of God

2 Kings 4:34 Then he got on the bed and lay upon the boy, mouth to mouth, eyes to eyes, hands to
hands. As he stretched himself out upon him, the boy's body grew warm.

Can you imagine looking into the face of God ? as Adam looked into the face of God ?

yet no man has seen His face and lived !

Can you imagine the breathe of God breathing into you ?

Yet God breathes His Holy Spirit into every one of us who are His !

He looks into your eyes and into your heart and He breathes into us His life

As we are born new creations He takes us into His arms and holds us and this first bonding
is very important

The first thing , the very first thing, the very first thing is to look into the young creations
eyes and see eye to eye

Let There Be Light

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and He said "It is Good "

And when God had finished the creation He rested as it was finished

War was in heavenly places and that which began in heaven came down to the earth but the
battle was won John 19:30

Jesus declared "It is finished "

The Mother nature creator had completed His work, whom needs no rest and continues to create 2 Corinthians 5:17

In the beginning our lifes were dark and without God

He speaks into our lifes and says "LET THERE BE LIGHT "

He separates and divides the children of the light from the children of the darkness

He calls His own and His own children can hear Him, Hewho lives in unapproachable light can be approached,
they approach His throne through the veil that separated

He calls them to bear much fruit and breaths into them the breathe of life

These children of the mother heart of Father God are born again, new creations

And He rests and says "It is Good "

And Jesus says "It is finished " rest in me

He said go forth into all the earth and spread the word, multiply Matthew 14:20–21

He leads us through the waters and unto dry land and places our feet upon a "Rock"

He leads us to the land flowing with milk and honey

God blesses His children and makes them Holy, the first creation being a shadow of the second

And God with those nail torn hands threw, flung the stars into space, into the emtpyness
of the expanse, that which seemed empty and yet was merely the unknown unseen

Each planet being called to approach the throne and being given a name, for it was not for man
to give names to the spheres that float in outer space, but only to name those creatures on earth

Each star and planet being called was flung into space, being put in the exact socket where it
was meant to be, each star being the exact age and size, each orbiting moon being put into an
exact orbit, each planet orbiting around the right star

Each Star and planet being placed together as God had intended

Each star and planet influencing life on earth after creation and affecting its climate and its growth

Each planet and star having an influence on the people living on Gods footstool

God continues to sustain all things by His right Hand

As each proton and electron revolves around the nucleus of an atom, so too God created the
planets and the stars

And the battle of won for the lifes of the mother heart of Father God, all those that stood on the
revolving sphere could wait and know that they rested as God rested because it was finished

Ephesians 2:12-13
Fulfilled through the cross -- for those who believe: " that time [before the cross] you were
without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants
of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were
far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ."