Kingdom life can be the knitty gritty of everyday life, its not just about  preaching, teaching,
Evangelising, Gifts, being Holy, what status you have at Church, what authority you have been
given,, these are all very well BUT

Kingdom Life can be making the tea on a sunday morning, helping the lady accross the road or
out of the car, making sure the Church is locked up, mending the broken carpark sign, mowing
the Church Lawn or even mowing your neighbours lawn

It can be helps of all kinds, this in itself can speak louder than words, this in itself can can preach,
teach, witness and evangelise, this in itself being the knitty gritty of the Kingdom can be more
affective, BUT

Remember its not about us, Its about God, we can never cause a revival and the basics and knitty
gritty of revival comes from prayer

God or Jesus is the foundation BUT prayer is what binds it together to make the foundation, its
like the water you add to the concrete, God supplies the materials but we have too add the water