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I am going to share a short testimony with you, because it has to

do with this message.

Over some weeks I kept getting this verse, ( who shall ascend His Holy

Hill ) coming to mind and I knew God was speaking.

So I decided to meditate on this verse and to ask what it meant, this

word kept repeating over and over.

Then One night I had a dream.

In the dream ..I was sitting in my ministers/pastors lounge and he was

chatting away to me.

He took a glass of water and placed it on the edge of the arm rest and

before I could say " Its going to spill " over it went.

He carried on talking to me as if nothing had happened and then placed

a cup of something on the arm rest.Again before I could say, " its

going to spill " It went over onto the floor.

As I was fussing and trying to clean up the mess from the floor...he

carried on talking as if nothing had happened, it seemed as if he was

more interested in me than he was about the mess on the floor.

Then he said to me " know ?'ve seen me dancing around

at Church ? you could be dancing around at the front of the Church

like me..."

Then he sat up and went to go upstairs, ( it was late ) and he said,

" you wait until 3am...great things are going to happen "

And as he walked upstairs...all I could think was, " I wonder if he

has remembered to lock the front door "

[You see my trade is cleaning and part of my day to day activity is

checking doors and lights]

Well when I woke up from this dream..I knew that this was not an

ordinary dream..sometimes these dreams are so real they are more

life like than life itself.

And I spent the rest of the day seeking what this meant.


And again I kept getting psalm 24, " Who shall ascend the Hill Of

God " going through my mind.


Well Sunday arrived and off I went to Church.

The Minister began to speak and said " Today we shall be lookin at

Psalm 24....?

And I said , " WOW " ( Not too loud so as not to attract attention )

And he began to speak about ascending this hill ..............

Well after the minister gave his message..we began to praise and

worship and he got excited....( as he sometimes does ) and began to

dance around the front of the Church with the children.

At this point he looked over at me and it hit me...!!! this was the dream.

Just as I had got over elders wife came up to me and said.

" Terry I have a word for you " .......oops.

The word was a very long word and I cannot repeat everything as it

was a word specifically for me and would not make sense to anyone else.

But the word God gave me through her confirmed everything from the


It was about God giving a boldness and how I would go to meetings

and not be able to hold in what God was going to give me

And about " Being a new day " ( 3am )

And God was going to do great things.

Well later on that day I was given another word.!!

This word spoke directly into if God were speaking directly

into my being and I was knocked back by this.

Again I cannot repeat everything but.....

This word confirmed the previous word and it was about God doing great


And so I decided later to pop into the chatrooms and say " Hello "

I logged into a room and the person typed.

" You know Guardian...the higher you get up the mountain ...the harder

it is to breathe "

Well I thought....why did he type that ?



And so this is God speaking.

thanks tes johnson

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