A Letter from God to His Woman

A Letter from God to His Woman

Author Merle

A Letter from God to His Woman

My Dearly Beloved

I write this to you, because I see how your struggles are trying to shut out my voice which is already buried deep in your hearts, and is about to flower. Like a weed that sucks the life from the rose, but like the earth reaches for the rains, so it shall flower.

I write this to you, because I need you to hear me again, as you did in the first days of our betrothal, as you did in the first days of your melting with My heart.

I write this to you because the days are dark. Because the end is near. Because I cherish that which is Mine.

Do you think for one moment, that I no longer fight for you?. Oh how I wish that you could but glimpse into the territory of victory to see how high I have lifted you, simply because I love you.

I cannot expect that in your frailty you could be ever joyous while in this tent on this earth. I wish it were so. But I write this to you to encourage you, to reaffirm My love of you. To reaffirm My commitment to you. And to re-establish My place in your hearts.

Woman of mine, I hear your sighs, as the whole earth sighs before me. I hear your cries as the earth cries before Me. I grieve and long for you. There is not a single thing that happens in your life and do I not know it?.

How you have been slighted, how you have been hurt, how you have suffered loss, how you struggle.. I see it all and know it all. And I have on many occasions in My Word confirmed your just rewards. I have them stored up, waiting for you.

Look to me and find Your comfort, I am The God of Israel, who gives strength and power to His people. I give it to you freely.

You have been upheld by Me since your birth, I carried you from your mother’s womb. I will always carry you, and I will deliver you. I have purposed it, and I will also do it.

Assemble yourselves Woman of Mine, in the congregation, and hear what I say today. Learn to live with one another. Learn quickly. Take heed of one another. There is no relationship by chance. I have called it forth. Be careful with one another, for as you are clothed in righteousness, the sins of pride knock loudly at your door. How I detest it.

Your mouth and the words you utter are My doorway. Hold it in high esteem. Wisdom, who is your closest friend, waits patiently to be released from your tongue. Allow and afford her the opportunity 70 times 7 a day. You will not be sorry. She carries with her great comfort. Wisdom, My faithful Servant carries with her clothes of the finest linen, to cover the naked, she carries with her spices and incense to soothe the sick, and she carries with her vats of the most precious commodity your planet has ever known. Love

I send her at no price.

Soon the Holy armies of my Kingdom will be sent forth to bring you to Me. I will not tarry. Only do not forget Me. As you are in the forefront of My very being, so I ask that you keep Me in yours.

As a King goes out to do his business from the palace, so it is with Me. But My return shall be with shouts of victory. My return shall be hailed by all. I am your champion. I go out knowing that you wait for Me in earnest. If it were not for that I would have no cause.

I long for you My Beloved, and soon I will have you by My side. Do not despair. You are My Holy People. And together we shall reign.

I have given you images in your hearts, those images are alive. Seek them out. They shall remind you of My love for you. Those images are the imprints of your home with Me. They are the description of your future, and your present. I have placed the Kingdom of Heaven in ALL mankind. I have said so in My Written Word. Try to take heart in them, try to let them fill you with a deeper understanding of My love. Try My dearest, not to let the troubles of this earth steal what I have given you.

The Words of Truth that have been inscribed in your hearts and mind can never be erased. They are there eternally. I etched them with My very own hand, and by My Son’s blood they are stained into you. My Name is written on your foreheads, and you will recognise each other by that Name.

And in fact it is by recognising My Name, that you can dwell together as one. If it were not so I would tell you. My Name is what draws you to one another, and it is My Name that unites you. *sighs* we already know nothing else can, do we not?

I speak to you today, because Today I heard your voice. I am the God who hears. I heard your cry, and I picked you up unto Myself. Will you not come to me my love? Will you not surrender the thoughts that would strive to separate us?

Come, come away with Me. I have taken you to a very high and lofty place. A place of security, a place of safety, a place of comfort. I have built strong My fortress. Come with Me and see.

I know even now it is hard for you to lift your eyes, but no matter My loved One, I will put Myself so close to you, that you would not have to move a muscle to know I Am there. And in that day We shall leap like the gazelle across mountain tops together. We shall soar above My creation like the eagle in the sky. We shall feel the wind together lifting Us to greater joy, to greater love, to greater heights…

Do not think I cannot do it. Do not think that the days grow long in your waiting. I Am here. I Am Now. I Am Forever. I Am that I Am. Soon, and very soon, You will see Me again. Until then

I remain, Yours, The Eternal God,

I remain, Yours, The Faithful and True

I remain, Your King of Kings and Your Lord of Lords

I remain, yes, oh yes, I remain

My Beloved is Mine and I Am Yours

Both now and forever…..

And so it is…..