Firstly we must approach this believing that God created and that God created the earth for us and we must come from the viewpoint and conclusion that there was an "Adam and Eve"

If we do not start at this beginning then our pack of cards will always collapse at some point

Some people (Christians) will try to take into account the scientific theories and the theories of science and try to evaluate or judge and come up with a kind of "compromise" saying that "well there is evolution but God created " and at this point the pack of cards becomes complex, these people never really go or search any further than this point and try to be the peace makers between the two differing things being "creation " and "evolution"

You must begin at the beginning of creation with God saying "Let there be Light" this light being the Light of the World or in other words "revelation" that is to say "the revelation or revealing of what is to be"




BANGGGGGG the big bang

No one can create matter from 0, no one except God can create from nothing, to have a big bang you must begin with a mass

You must begin with some king or type of mass, otherwise you cannot have a big bang

Man or should I say "Mankind" can only create from the resources that God has already created , no living person can create from 0 not even satan being a created being

The only one who can create from 0 is God because God was never created, in other words only a non created being can create from nothing

And so we have the "LET THERE BE LIGHT" this Light not being the light of the sun or a light of beacon but a spiritual Light, this is the Light that creates out of nothing and this is the same Light that dawns on a new creation when he or she becomes a Christian

Thsi Light opens the eyes of a new believer even though that new believer only see's a poor reflection as if looking into a mirror becasue that believer is beginning to have their eyes opened and will never see fully until they are with the Lord and then they will see all, until then you could say that "they are blinded by the Light" so as to be stopped from fully understanding and receiving full revelation lest they fall and become likened to a god

But in this we have the evolution of a Christian being that we are ever changing and becoming more like the "Son"

Buit that we have not evolved from Adam and Eve in that we are still made in Gods image as they were and in fact normal ungenerated human kind have gone backwards in evolution and not forwards

Mankind has indeed not evolved since Adam and Eve but have "devolved" if there is such a word ...to the state of being less than God had intended

Its starnge to think that rather than evolving from that which God created in the beginning ...humankind have devolved ... but that the very Christians that argue against evolution are in fact evolving from an old state to an new state


The Evolution of the Son


And so now we have the Light that came into the darkness and the darkness can never understand it

Now we have the Victorian belief that all revolves around the earth and it is true that the earth is Gods footstool but also we must remember that the stars were put there to speak of Gods glory and His splendour

The earth being a globe 7926 miles in diameter moving around the sun at a distance of 93 million miles and taking 365 and a quarter days to complete a journey

Now then knowing this as fact we can see that although the earth is Gods footstool we are surrounded by a far mightier spiritual world as we know that the spirtitual is far far stronger and bigger than this material world

We also might understand that this spiritual world does not revolve around us but in fact we revolve ( or evolve) around it or you could say we "grow into it"

Now you see how these two things equate ?

Mankind can never create out of nothing and never will, indeed if he or she could then we would indeed be gods, but we are stopped unto a point and limited for a reason

So we know that the Spiritual is far far bigger and stronger than this material world, if you were to take God alone who is bigger than any then you must agree on this ...that He who created all things is bigger and stronger than any ?

Now take this and relate it to the universe that God created and we see a reflection of the same

And in this we see that at the same time as the spiritaul is far far bigger than the material world so too the universe is far bigger than the earth

And in relation to this we also see that the spiritual does not revolve around this material world

Still the same ...the universe does not revolve around the earth

STILL the same we see that the world does not revolve around our lifes (although in our youth we may believe this)

Still the same we see that ....the world does not revolve around little old me

BUT in fact the change comes from the inside out

And it is when I change that the world changes

When I change the universe changes

When I change the spiritual changes

Why ?

Because God said and still says into our lifes and into peoples lifes


And when this Light that broke out before the dawning of time comes to me and dwells in me THEN I begin to see and only then can I begin to see that in fact having God In Jesus In Me makes all things revolve around Him who is in me

AND this is why we say "Lord Your Will be done" being that our lies revolve around Him, this is an understanding gained over time as we move on in faith knowing and understanding that God does not always do our bidding

But only when we walk in His will and move in Him do the two become one