Gods Judgement

Gods Judgement


Revelation 22:5 for the Lord God will give them light

In Rev 22:13 it states : I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Here we see the Goldy continuing to be Godly and the vile continuing to be vile as unto God

Being the the One True God who was and is and is to come in the lifes of people

Those who walk in the darkeness of their souls not seeing the One true God until the time when their judgement comes at the time and after the time of death being the death of the body

The other Judgement being the death of the body of the believer who continues to seek God and continues to find God and in this receives the reward through the judgements of what He (person) has done while in the (Body) being the body or can be seen as (The Body) being that of the Bride Of Christ

Being that Jesus was and is and will be the One True God, it comes to pass that He was Lord of a life and His blood covered over the believer

Being that He is now then He is the Lord of that persons life

Being that He will be speaks of their future judgement being that of a Judgement that will be the giving and taking of reward for how can the Bride on her wedding day be judged but that she would receive gifts and those gidfts would be given her on that day

But as for the vile , those who lived in the darkeness of their souls they choose to live without the covering of the blood of Jesus , thus the wrath of God lingers over until that day when they receive the judgement of the perishing being that they choose to live in the persihing world before death and there after shall continue to live within the perishing (if perishing can continue in such a state or that perishing means just that to perish and be no more


Paul knew His future and it was certain and he was confident that God who hasd begun a good work in him would carry it through

Paul knew that His judgement would be that of receiving the crown life

As for the thief on the Cross ?

Well paradise in jewish belief at that time was of a garden and pleasant garden somewhat like Eden

Jesus said "today you will be with me in paradise"

Some might believe that this is a temporary state after death before the Judgenent of the righteous and the judgement of the ungodly

But paradise in Jewish belief was seen as like the garden of Eden in other words you went o two places either to the garden of to gehenna which was the place outside of the city or the "rubbish tip where things perished and were burnt

If this wwas indeed a temporary place then why would Jesus be going there ?

Rather it was heaven to be where Jesus was and is and would be once more

This Judgement of God is on those now who are not His but indeed His enemies

This judgement will burn against them

As He is the God who is and was and will be

So He is the God who did speak to them, and does speak to them now, and will speak to them then

Being that He does Judge ....He is Judging,.... and He will Judge


think of it as a pupils and a teachers

The teachers know the exams the pupils are going to take and some may be taking harder

exams , some going onto college or university and some going to even greater heights

But we know that to each one is given a different ability

There is one who is gifted not so much in "the written" but in ability

They may not pass any exams but be very gifted at craft or building

So the teachers know that this person although not given the ability of the "written exam"

is very practical and will do well in life

Others may pass some exams and the teachers know already which and who might do well and

what the results might be, they can often tell you approximately the marks of each pupil and

roughly how well they will do......Before the exams

Some may go further and excel in certain subjects but to those who is given much is much

expected and they find it hard at times Luke 12:48


From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who

has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

The blows are not punishment as in being beaten up or whipped, God is not a vindictive God

The blows can be likened to when you go to get your exam results and find that you have'vt got the marks

you were hoping for

But Some go to even greater heights and go onto university and degrees and so on

Whatever gifting is given ...and ability ...it is not so much the gifting but the applying

I might be a scientist...but how do I now use this knowledge ?

So I might be great at theory and written work but not so good at practical application

But to whoever is given and whatever is given it is not what is given but how we use what we are given

So thats a simply illustration of God and us as people on this planet referring to the "Judgement of God"

God already knows our abilities and how well we will do unlike a teacher He also knows the beginning and

the end

Now what about those pupils who are sneekling in and are not of the same school ? they are

allowed to join in the lessons and be a part of what is happening

But they will have a different judgement and the results are not those of the teachers but of a

different headmaster

So we see that although the judgement is yet to come....it is already known of


When we go to the thief on the Cross we see that "Today" you will be with me in "Heaven"

Or "Garden" and eden like garden as heaven can be described as "heavenlike" or paradise

So it might seem as if the thief on the Cross escaped the "Judgement of God" as an event

that will be but in this case had already happened

Now the old illustrators draw these pictures of people queing up in a heaven like procession and

this is probably the only way the can illustrate an image like this

So many have this image in their minds of people queing up on the judgement day, like lots of

pupils queing up for their exam results ....Waiting in fear and trepidation

But this image is man made and just an ilustration to try to put accross a picutre of the "Judgement day"

You can imagine queing up with billions of people from all over the earth since the dawning of time ?

It may well take years before you can be seen by God !

I believe it will happen in no time at all, because God lives outside of time

No sooner have you passed away that there you will be in the twinkling of an eye

As if everyone came to be there at the same time all at once

And all those people that were your distant relatives maybe and those you never thought you

would see might be there and those you though would be there seem to not be ?

And I imagine that when the thief on the Cross went to be with Jesus He might have already been on

the new earth...now thats going to boggle minds ...

How on "Earth" could he be on the new earth before its recreated or regenerated ?

Well do you think when the new earth was and is and will be.....

That God is going to say "Oooo this is new...I did'nt think it would be like this ? I wonder

what will happen next ?"

Because God lives outside of time He knows those who are yet to be born and their results

Because the results are based on what Jesus did but also on how we use what Jesus did

"To some who are given more will much be asked of........."

So the thief was already judged at that moment on the Cross

Or to try to convey it to modern day life you could say "he had an assessment"