The Gift Of God - Part Four

Post date: 15-Dec-2012 14:36:00


And so Rebekah had two nations within her womb Genesis 25:23 these being not

just two people who were individuals but two nations the Edomites and Israelites

Another symbol and predestined sign of the two nations that were to be

And One would be greater than the other read : 2 Samuel 8:14


Jacob was a godly man, Genesis 25:27 sincere, upright, and perfect, Genesis 48:3

he looked after and tended the cattle Romans 9:12


Esau was a hunter and layed traps and snares for animals and tilled and toiled on the soil

You could say one worked with His hands and the other worked as unto God !

and this is where we have the famous scripture misused at the best Matthew 12:25

Yes a Kingdom divided against itself will not stand

Now lets mess this perfect scriptural theology up by putting it here Matthew 12:25

You see Isaac loved esua and Rebekah loved Jacob

now you might want to associate this story alongside the story of Cain and Abel and the two

offerings Genesis 4:4 -5

Ans so Rebekah loved him whom God loved Malachi 1:2

So here we have a household that was divided against itself , in fact there was a waring in the

womb and this prophetic sign was to be the signal for future waring of nations

Now also at this point you might say "well God loves everyone ?" does'nt He ?

Yes God is love and cannot be anyone else :read Malachi 1:3

But He loved Jacob, the one who was predestined, why was He predestined ?

God saw his heart before it was formed and the sign of Jacob was the grasping of the heel

at birth