My Journey

My Journey

Author Guardian

A long way to go, a long way to go,

On my journey the road is not easy, what I say and what I do seem to be separated at times, even more so what I think and what I do

I wonder when the two roads will meet ?

When It seems to me all is falling down around me, when al seems to be against me

That God says " Its all for you, working for your good"

When all seems to be collapsing around me, THEN god is doing His work in me

When all is falling THEN He picks me up

When all sees to go wrong THEN He does what only God can do

When the building seems to be falling down THEN He is building

When all the bricks seem to tumble down in my house THEN He rebuilds and shapes me

When the desert wilderness is filled with rain and the clouds come rolling in then He makes the desert in my heart bloom

When life seems upside down I am reminded that I live in the "Upside down Kingdom"

And Gods Kingdom cannot be shaken, could this be why He makes the foundations of my life shake ?

Because He wants me to live in His Kingdom !