From The Inside Out

From The Inside Out

Free will to be In His Will

His Kingdom has already come to man, yet it is to come, thus being the one "who was and

is and is to come"

Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.

His will is done in heaven but has not always been done, hence satans fall

His will is not always on earth either,

Our Father who is in heaven wants our hearts to respond back to Him and in this we have

"Free Will"

He can but "Will" not force us to love and respond back

Neither can I force someone to love me or for someone to force me to love them

The Fathers heart wants all to come to Him, because they want too

Earth is a reflection of heaven in that heaven is affected by what happens on earth and visa versa

" Your Will be done IN earth" rather than ON earth...........

He changes from the inside ...out

Being we are made of the earth and are of earth...His will should be done in this earthen vessel

His Will Matthew 6:10

Done and being done and was done Matthew 10:29 Ephesians 1:11

His will , Not Done Proverbs 24:21-22 Proverbs 16:5