I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly


Seeing the Kingdom of God is a bit like seeing God, the two are the same and one

To say we have no "Kingdom now" is to say "we have no God now"

Kingdom = Kingship = Jesus

Past, Present and Future, the same as "Salvation" being past, present and future tense

And so We may come to a Cross Roads, a turning point, where we have to decide, when we come

to brokenness. when we have too decide the next step, when we decide between the (red or the

blue pill, the matrix)

Mark 1:15

15 “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

here we have past and present tense

Once we have entered through the Narrow Gate we come to find only that we are entering the Narrow Gate and that we are walking towards the Narrow Gate

We realise that there was a war that was fought and there is a real war being fought in Spiritual

places as Christians and that there is a final battle

We begin to realise that this war is real and that it rages and we enter this war the moment

we become Christians, although it always raged around us (but we never realised it)


Because God is outside of time we with our finite minds cannot comprehend how the battle was

won yet still rages and will come to an end

Or how we were saved and yet are saved and will be saved

How we will be given Faith, have Faith and will have faith

Yet this unceasing war goes on until the end of time, when God continues into eternity in His


Yet still we have a choice , we realise that we had a choice, we have a choice and we will

have a choice

Do we choose to fly above the circumstances, do we choose to be entwined in the circumstances,

or do we choose to walk through the circumstances of life ?

I believe we can fly