Generational curses and Spiritual freedom

Post date: 28-Jan-2014 15:20:46

Generational curses and Spiritual freedom


Adam and Eve can be said to be perfect in ! "In Gods eyes"

But it could be said that Adam and Eve were not perfect...for if they were

then there would be no temptation [as temptation comes from an inner desire]

But being created with free will created the ability to be tempted

But Without free will, how could Adam and Eve have loved freely ?

A tempter had been thrown down to the earth

And Adam and Eve were tempted by the tempter


before Adam and Eve were ever created .....satan was in heaven with God

becaming proud and wanting to ascend the heights to be God himself

You might see this as a temptation without anyone being the tempter

In this we could conlude that satan although created perfect Ezekiel 28:12 was

perfect in Gods eyes, but in fact was not perfect as in "perfection" as God is

For he too had the ability of free will, being a created being

The only One whom was never created being God


Romans 5:19 says :
 "For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one
 shall many be made righteous"

Some may say "generational curses" do not exist

But we see that through one man all were made sinners

the curse being to "toil in order to eat" "thorns and thistles" eating the plants of the field"

and "The pain of childbirth would increase"

this would infer that 'Adam and Eve could have had children in the original creation"


In this many through "spiritual" rebirth will be made righteous by the obedience of One