The Gift of Life

Post date: 18-Jan-2014 23:42:22

So in this is a paradox in that God knowing satan would fall and take a third of heavens armies with him, created satan with free will out of Love because Love being a creative force will always create and continue to create

God created satan out of His Love knowing that this would in fact create chaos in His creation and inevitably bring down his beloved "children" of the earth ...who He also loved

Both having free will to decide within Gods Love, whether to stay there

bringing into being, a fall where we now "Outside of Gods love" but being loved , have the free will to decide whether to walk back into it

In Gods foreknowing knowledge He took Himself to the Cross as a "Son" thus giving us the "free will" to decide

In this we have "Real Love" where we are not robots but people willingly laying down our lifes to be saved

Rather than being forced to love, which is no love at all