Time With Jesus

Time With Jesus

Author Kate

Time With Jesus

I was thinking about David. He was called a friend of God.

How much of his time did David spend with god?

I guess quite a lot, cause when we read his psalms I see a deep friendship between David and god

O how would I like to have such a friendship with God.

There are times when I would like to spend more time with god, but I don’t seem to find any

time at all.

Theres always something else that’s going on.

But id love to spend more time with god….

I guess that some of u may also think that u would like to spend more time with Jesus

But u don’t seem to find time.

Does anyone at all feel a bit like that??

But what exactly is “spending time with Jesus”??

Is it just reading the bible??

Or praying??

Or what else might be “ spending time with Jesus”

Worship, listen to worship, praying, singing, listening, just be and do nothing, read bible, think

about him, think about dreams we had, talk to him, be here for a friend that needs love of Jesus,

but I think the most important is that we take our times where we do nothing, where we just are here and be with our god

Could it be that we spend more time with him then we think??

I would like u to participate.

Please take a sheet of paper and a few pens, if pos in different colours.

Take the sheet the with the long way on top

Then draw a line in about the middle of the sheet

On the left hand corner u note the time of “getting up”

In the right hand corner time of “going to bed”

Now note the important daily stuff, like “getting to work”, and “ lunch” “break” and so on, in the

upper half of the sheet.

Ur day may seem really full, right??

Now take an other colour, ur favourite for example.

Now it gets a bit tricky…. But just wait and see

For example: on tope of my timeline there’s “ driving to work, 20 min”

Well I could use this time to spend this time with Jesus, by listening to worship songs, or praying

Or in the morning when u get dressed, why not using this time and pray?? But on the armour of god for example.

Cause if we spend time with Jesus scattered over the whole day… we come up with quite a lot.

Its not about spending at least so and so many minutes until it “counts”


Every second we spend with Jesus, by praying, worshiping, reading his word, thinking about him and so on.

It’s a bit like we would send txt-messages to Jesus

Not only phones count, also txt messages!

Isn’t that gr8??

By the way, what is enough time??

Can we say today I did spend enough time with Jesus??

I cant say, I just know that the more time we spend with him, the easier it gets.

Its starting to become a habit.

But back to the question about the about of time…. There is no measure…

just a thoughts…

. We should give Jesus 10% of our incoming…

10% of out time would be 124 min, that’s a bit more then 2hours… isn’t really much if we start

to use the txt-message times!