The Gift Of God, Part Six

Post date: 18-Dec-2012 14:07:45


We have seen "predestination" Romans 8:29-30 Ephesians 1:4-5

and "foreknowledge" 1 Peter 1:1-2 mentioned here in the Jacob story

And how the early genesis scriptures (prophetic) point to the Messiah and the Cross

And the working of the hands (toil of the flesh) and the working of God (offering pleasing to God)

So with this I want to stop at the "wrestling of Jacob with God" for a moment



We know also that the earth is Gods footstool and everything is under Gods feet

It is not saying that "God has feet" although we are made in His image but that

"He is above all things " and nothing is above God

This big and mighty God who is above all things and stronger fought with Jacob or "wrestled"

Now some might say that "The Angel" was Jesus and some might say "it was an angel"

We know that Angels are far more powerful than a mere man and that the "spiritual" is far

greater and bigger than the physical realm ! and we have seen and know that the erath "is Gods footstool"

and that nothing can contain Him


Now here you could say that "God wrestled with Jacob !"

So what is this about then ?

Well we could see this in the light of the foreseen "struggles of Gods chosen ones"

And the wrestling of Israel with God the King of :

Jacob being renamed "Israel" which means “He struggles with God”

We could associate see this in the Light of our own struggles as we wrestle in prayer or wrestle

in life and wrestle in these light and momentary struggles 2 Corinthians 4:17

We could also see it as "the equipping and strengthening of Jacob" for the task ahead

so here we related it to : past present and future


But how did Jacob find the strength to wrestle with God ?

and How did Jacob see Gods face and live ?

You could say that Jacob found "spiritual strength"

In that "God bore the office of two persons" , showing in Jacob more strength than He put

forth in the Angel" .....God wrestling with God ? no no but rather "now at present " putting into you

a strength that comes from Him to overcome and to wrestle as unto Him, So God could not prevail against Jacob !

So God has "predestined" Genesis 49:3 Revelation 3:14 Deuteronomy 21:17

So that Jacob struggled with the Angel and overcame Him Hosea 12:4 Genesis 48:16

And you might look at John 14:12 at this point


The angel being "Jesus" the same Angel "of the Lord" that went before the Israelites in the desert

In this strength we walk being grafted in. not that we are stronger than God but that we have "Gods

strength" AS we walk in Him and Him in us "the office of two persons"

And in this we imitate and draw a parallel with our own lifes now

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!