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Ladies you are Sons of the Living God !

Because you are heirs and you are going to inherit eternal life , IF you follow and believe and

walk and talk and live and move and know Jesus

Sons inherit all that belongs the the Father, this is why He is preparing a place for you

In Gods Kingdom , in Heaven there is no genda,

Now consider this :

Who will you obey in heaven ? or should I say "The New Earth " ?

You obey you not ?

And so you said "His" above spoke as a male

Why not ? if indeed God saw you as a female in heavenly places , how would you inherit ?

How indeed would you relate to the "prodigal Son " ?


Now men lets consider this..

You are part of the Bride of Christ !

You are in His body which is "The Bride Of Christ"

The Father is preparing a place for you....too

You are Sons of the living God and Jesus is your husband

Consider that as you are engaged and indeed sit with Him in heavenly places as the Bride

As indeed the same as Ladies you too are Sons of the living God

And so when you next talk about the deadly word "submission" remember who you will submit too in the life to come

After all do you really believe that now and then are twol different and unrelated spheres of existence ?

Surely what applies now should also carry on in the life to come

And so we pray "YOUR WILL BE DONE"

Should it thus be rewritten "My husbands will be done" or "My childrens will be done " or 2My wifes will be done"

No it says "YOUR WILL BE DONE"