Father God in Jesus name we walk to you our City and ask that you would speak today in

Jessu name amen

1 Corinthians 9:19-23


We can often ask that question when we are seeking our identity, once we identity with Jesus,

we can then become that vessel that reaches out

In this series we will be going towards the "CITY OF GOD" OR "GODS KINGDOM"

You might not be in Gods Kingdom ? you may not have asked Jesus into your life !

so read on and read the four part series

You might say "We are already in Gods Kingdom as Christians ?

I'm already saved ?

Yes we are saved but we are being saved and will be saved...........

We are in Gods Kingdom as Christians, but we are walking towards it and we are in it.......

We have a God who lives outside of Time and space, a God is was and is and is to come..

Lets begin


Exodus 3 (New International Version)

6 Then he said, "I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob."

11 But Moses said to God, "Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of


Is'nt it amazing at times how some people can bring the best out of you ?, is'nt it also amazing how some people can draw the worst out of you ? sometimes that certain someone just tends to

annoy you so much ?

At times a person can bring out of you of your character that others cannot, at times a person can bring out of you, parts of your character that even you had forgotten about !!

At times we can be and mean different things to different people...I may be a father to someone,

a friend to someone else, a companion, a husband , a prayer partner, a son, a neighbour, a working companion, a helper, a sunday school teacher to others.

I may be a teacher to some and a role model to others, a person at Church, a cleaner,a childminder,a window cleaner, a webmaster, a friend, .......I may be lots of things to lots of people and different people draw out of me ...

Different things, they all draw out of me parts of who I am, but do any of those people really know me ? as a whole ? do I really know myself ?

There is one who knows me better than I know myself, and He is the "Great I AM" and its "His _

story" my life is part of " His'tory " and His word is only the tip of the iceberg, the bible is only

the basics, even at the point of my drawing my last breathe, I would only have learnt a fraction

of " His Word "....

You see I may know it, but do I KNOW IT, have I lived it ? you see the more you learn of God,the more there is to learn...and the more you learn of Gods word , the more

there is to live out Gods word, you see its a living word

I stand back in awe sometimes because there are times when God takes over and when God

takes over, its not about my knowledge or learning, its not about "Who I am " its about " Who

He is " when Moses stood at the burning bush , God said " I AM " and Moses replied " Who Am

I ? "

And that is a good question, " WHO AM I ? " who am I to those many people ? and who am I

to God ?

YOU may have many names to many people, you may be many people to different people, !! once we place our identity in Christ and we begin to identify with and in Him,

we begin to see ourselves in a different way and we see that God see's us as we were, but also as we are and will be and He see's us as we are in Him and He has a relationship with us that may

have many names, he may be our Father and we may be His son or daughter, He may be our friend and He may be our companion, He may be many things to us, because He has a multitude of names and is all things to all people, He is our all in all.

The question is not ..."who am I ?"....but the question should be "who am I to Him ? " and to find that out we need to read what He says we are to Him in His word,

But more over than that

, not just to know these things but to KNOW them, take one word...." Love " it is one thing to

know God loves you, quite another to " KNOW " Gods love......



Jonah 3:4And Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey,.......................................... .

And Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey, and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.

We are going to Go on A journey and this Journey will lead us to the City Of God

We are going on a journey, a journey of faith, this journey on this narrow road can be hazardous with many toils and snares, but the narrow road is our place of safety

The word : journey is derived from the French word "journee" and jour means a "day,"

This word derived from the latin word diurnus, which means "oneday "

Interesting that the latin word dies, means "day " whereas the word diurnus means "of a day

You could say "We are the Children of "A day"

In latter days people would journey for a day until resting for the "night "

A days journey or journee would be all you could do by ancient transport and you would need to "rest"

And so we take "one day " at a time and we travel a narrow road and after the days journey we reflect and "rest"

We "Rest" in Him our "Daily " provider

The one who comes with us on our "diurnus"

Trust In Jesus


You are a Child of The King


Say No to the enemy

Say No to the enemy and he will flee, rejoice in the Lord always:


The enemy is like a roaring lion with no teeth, he looks frightening

and will try to instill fear into our lifes until we can no longer see the

way to go, We stand at the waters edge and we say , "what now"

the enemy is behind us , chasing us, he looks fierce, he looks like

he can devour us, but he has lost his teeth, his time is short.


It is when we lift up the name of Jesus, when we praise HIS NAME,

when we lift up the staff, when we lift Jesus higher, the waters part,

God makes a way through the troubles and when we stand on the

other side we can look back and see the enemy defeated,

swallowed up. ( The Sea Of Reeds ) Exodus.


The enemy was defeated BEFORE the creation of the world,

The Lamb of God was slain BEFORE the creation of the world,

we were chosen, BEFORE the creation of the world, we won

the victory, BEFORE the creation of the world.


We say NO to fear, NO to worry, NO to anxiety, NO to the



Our God goes BEFORE us, our God already knows the tomorrow,

He already knows what will happen.


Why did Jesus say " Do not worry about tomorrow " ? because

he knows humankind, He knows our weaknesses, He knows our

frailties, He knows our fears, He knows our innermost thoughts,

our innermost being.


He wants us to trust in Him for tomorrow and to make the MOST

of today, to make the MOST out of every oportunity.

Say NO to fear, for the enemy has lost his teeth and He is already defeated.




Listening to God is about relationship and to be in a relationship we need to talk about things,

you may think " well its not the same as actually having someone physically there with me " but a few words to the Father Jesus can be worth a thousand compared to those of a companion


A person can listen, God can speak through that person with you or help you through that person or companion but there are some things that human companionship cannot do, As we know mankind is limited and there are certain things that God cannot do or may not want to do

through another person.

Some times the mountains and problems are to be dealt with by God and God alone

Have you ever played traffic lights with children ?

Its knowing when to stop and when to go....!!

When to run and when to walk ...!!

When to lay down and when to stand...!!

When to get ready and when to prepare...!!

For everything under the sun there is a time , a reason and a purpose..

Wait On The Lord and He will renew your strength, to Rise up,

Its knowing and listening and waiting and watching and a time to speak and a time to be silent

and a time to wait and a time to do .. but also times when God only can do and we simply step


The greatest gift is love and within love dwells patience, maybe things seem to be taking along

time ? but wait on the Lord even if it is years...waith on the Lord and in HIS season and in His

time, your season and time will come WAIT ON THE LORD

The Light


The apostle says in 2 Corinthians 4, that God commanded light to shine out of darkness, and that He has shone into men’s hearts in order that there might be a shining forth now “of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

You see we all walked in darkness, but God causes light to shine out of the darkness, for the darkness cannot hide the light.

This darkness and light is easy to understand if we think of it as the light and dark that we know

, but if we think of it as a darkness that is sin, a darkness that is evil,

That does not cast a shadow, that can be hidden in this world and a light that is not the light of the sun nor the lamp on a table

but a light that shines out that iluminates sin, a light that is Jesus,

A light that is not a visible

light then we begin to comprehend the light, that shines in the darkness that the darkness cannot comprehend

They that walk in darkness see this great light “The people that walked in darkness have seen

a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined,” Isaiah 9: 2.

Then as we walk in the light and it iluminates our path the light becomes visible in our hearts

and lives

Jesus who said " Let there be light " is the light that speaks out into the darkness

Paul fell down as the light shone down and was aware of his blindness not just in a physical

sense and once prayed for had the eyes of his heart opened to see the glorious gospel of light

But that light has always been and will always be , all through Gods word we see that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are there, always present,. always all in all

God is everywhere and in all things from beginning to end, He is the light, the truth, the way, He

iluminates our path, in all things, our all in all

And yet the " Light " of the world stepped down into darkness and opened the eyes of those on

the Damascus road, even though the " Light of the world " is in all things and was always there,

for the Light is the light of the gospel of salvation, saving us and raising us up as He also is raised up

City On A Hill


Job 38:12 Have you commanded the morning since your days; and caused the dayspring to

know his place;

Here we hear of the Father Creator having sovereign over creation, He orders the sun to rise and the light to shine from the East and unto the west.

We naturally think that this just happens, but God commands and sustains all things.

Man has been given certain authority by God over the earth and God is sovereign and He is King,

He CAN rise up like the dayspring in our hearts ahd shine out from us and even shine as far as the west

Will we make Him sovereign in our hearts ? will we make Him King ? will the dayspring from on High rise up in our hearts and shine for all to see like a city on a hill ? Walking Into The Kingdom


Many are called, but few are chosen

I remember many years ago God spoke to me in a dream and in the dream I was walking up a

hill and as I walked up I noticed many walking past me going down the hill and as I walked the numbers walking down grew and grew and I noticed the faces of the people and the faces

were a reflection of the hearts

They were all too busy to speak or to listen but hurried on their ways,

I also noticed a few walking up the hill with me, some in front and some behind

Matthew 22:14 (The Message),

14"That's what I mean when I say, 'Many get invited; only a few make it.'"

Salvation is free but comes with a cost

Salvation is for all but only few find it

Many are Called but few are chosen

God speaks and cries out to all but not all hear or want to listen

As the King invites people in ( Notice HE INVITES ) He does'nt order people as a King would

Many go about their business ( worldy affairs )

Those who do eventually go to the feast are those who wear the robes

Those who have been wahsed by the Blood of the Lamb

Those who have Jesus in them, those that God has prepared, those who are clean before God,

Those who have heard the word and responded ( conditional )

Those who have beed cleansed and washed and wear the salvation robe

They are the ones who chosen to sit with the King

Lord God in Jesus name if there are any seeking you for the first time let them listen and hear

Let them stop , wait and listen,, let them get revelation, let them prepare to walk into the City

If there are some who once knew you but no longer follow you let those ears be unblocked and

sight be restored in the spiritual

If there are those who are saved but simply want to continue closer to you let them know that

intimate love of your heart and Spirit In Jesus Name amen