Drawing you into a deeper relationship with God

Drawing you into a deeper relationship with God

Author Rachael

Drawing you into a deeper relationship with God

we are going through a series of building on our relationship with God, and being taken deeper into the Love of God, truly taking up our cross and following Him

part1 ~~ Listening to His still small voice of calm, hearing what Gods Word is for you, the Voice of Truth

We are going to go through a journey, of opening up to God, and listening to His still small voice of calm, hearing what Gods Word is for you.

We will start with prayer , then going to follow a simple guided meditation or contemplation

so lets see..

Lord, thank You for drawing us all here today, we praise You and Glorify You, fill our hearts, minds and souls, with Your Love and Peace, guide us with Your light

open our ears to hear Your Word, our hearts to believe it, our minds to be transformed by it, our eyes to see it, our mouths to speak it

Lord i pray, that everyone does listen to the Voice of Truth, that we keep our focus on You, that You do draw and guide us, from the darkness to the light, the rough to the smooth, renew, restore and refresh us

let Your Peace, Love and freedom be very real in our lives, that we shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set us free, thank You for Your faithfulness, Your healing, Your comfort, Your protection, Your guidance, Your light, Your love and Your peace

praise You through the storms as well as the calms of life, so that we will always be soaring above the waves with You, wether the waves be still or stormy, pray that we all learn to be still, and know that You are indeed Lord....ask this in Jesus name...Amen


Going to post some scripture, where God is speaking directly to you, reminding you of your place and freedom in Christ

I am God's child - John Ch 1 verse 12

I am united with the Lord, and I am one Spirit with Him - 1 Corinthians Ch 6 verse 20

I have been adopted as Christ's child - Ephesians Ch 1 verse 5

I have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit - Ephesians Ch 2 verse 18

I am complete in Christ - Colossians Ch 2 verse 10

I am free from condemation - Romans Ch 8 verses 1-2

I cannot be separated from the love of God - Romans Ch 8 verses 35-39

I am confident that the good work God has begun in me will be perfected - Philippians Ch 1 verse 6

I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind - 2 Timothy Ch 1 verse 7

I am the salt and light of the earth - Matthew Ch 5 verses 13-14

I am a branch of the true Vine, a channel of His life - John Ch 15 verse 1 and verse 5

I may approach God with freedom and confidence - Ephesians Ch 3 verse 12

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me - Philippians Ch 4 verse 13

I am a personal witness of Christ - Acts Ch 1 verse 8


Lord as we have been reminded of Your Grace, and our true place with You, let us be still and listen to Your voice

At the still point of my turning world,

At the core of my being,

I wait to hear and feel the gentle presence of God

Who calls me to open and let go.

Can I go to that place where God is calling me?

I ask the God of all mercies

And the Father of all consolations,

To send the Spirit.

To free me to see all the good about me.

To be taken up in the freedom God wants me to enjoy.

In the presence of the One who

Accepts, heals and renews

I can be honest about the ways I have fallen short

of the love I experience.

How has the last day gone?

How do I feel about the way I have responded

interacted, opened myself?

I share my feelings with the Lord.


1 Blessed is the man

who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked

or stand in the way of sinners

or sit in the seat of mockers.

2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD,

and on his law he meditates day and night.

3 He is like a tree planted by streams of water,

which yields its fruit in season

and whose leaf does not wither.

Whatever he does prospers.

4 Not so the wicked!

They are like chaff

that the wind blows away.

5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,

nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.

6 For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous,

but the way of the wicked will perish.

God speaks to each one of us personally.

What am I hearing?

Read the text a few times.

What are you saying to me, Lord?

Where are the leading strings of God's love?

Where am I called to forgive, understand, apologise, make amends?

Where am I moved by love or fear?

Share your feelings with Jesus.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,

As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be,

world without end.


thank You Lord for this time, of opening up and being still, Jesus You are the Way the Truth and the Life, and your Word says, ' you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free '

lets praise our God, our Father, our Redeemer Jesus and our Comforter the Holy Spirit

Go in peace to Love and serve the Lord!

Be blessed!!