God Word refers too three "Testimonies" of the Kingdom

It testifies to 1.

Gods reign NOW, on earth, in these earthen vessels, His Holy Spirit directing


It is also a realm in which we can enter NOW


It is a future realm when we shall reign with Him in eternity


This is what confuses the mortal mind this is what baffles the finite mind, this is what confounds

men of great learning, for here we see the great time traveller who lives outside of time who's

name is "I AM" Exodus 3:4

The God of countless names who lives outside of time or space and whomlives in the past,

the present and the future , who see's all things as if all at once and who knows all things

The God who is so far into the future you cannot even begin to comprehend How many "LIGHT YEARS " awayy he is, far beyond any time you can imagine, far out of reach of human

comprehension and into the future as far as you could go and further

Revelation 1:8

Never ending is His name, the never ending God, Have you ever imagined how vast space is ? have you ever considered coming to the edge of

the universe ? there is no much further is God ?

And yet He is in the present with us now, involved in every moment and second of each individual

life, loving with "His Agape Love" 1 John 4:8