The Church Without Walls

The Church Without Walls



Sometimes God will cause or allow the surface of our lifes be disturbed

, he will allow our comfortable, secure lifes, to be shaken, why ?.

Picture a lake, it is settled, it is peaceful, it reflects its

peaceful surroundings, suddenly a huge rock falls and disturbs the

surface, why does God do this ? why does God disturb our securities ?

our secure lifes ? What does it mean when it says ; In the last days

all things shall be shaken' ?


I'm going to share some pictures (or visions)which came to my mind

while doing this study,I believe this is what the Holy Spirit is saying

at this time,I'm going to go

through a series of pictures to try to convey a message which I

believe is for all of us [that includes me] I ask that at some point

you try to picture these things in your own mind and say , " what are

you saying to me through this Lord ?

The bible can sometimes seem like a riddle or a puzzle, we have to keep

reading it over and over and one day we can suddenly get a revelation,

the Holy Spirit reveals a scripture to us,Jesus often spoke in

parables or picture form,These pictures can speak far more than

words ever can.

There are so many things we cannot put into words, most of us have had

times in our lifes when we just cannot describe our feelings, emotions,

language is a great thing but it is limited sometimes, pictures can

speak a multitude of words.

I saw waters of a the sea parting,making way for the people of God

and I felt the forces involved although I could not understand what

this meant at the time and I cannot really decribe in words the

forces at work.And I said Lord what does this mean ? What has this

to do with the Holy Spirit ?

A few weeks later I read about the parting of the red sea,(sea of reeds

) and it hit me, whether you believe that God sent a mighty or strong

wind to part the red sea or whether you believe it was the Holy Spirit

of God that parted the red sea,the fact is God was at work and where

God is at work ,the Holy Spirit is at work.This was the power of the

Holy Spirit of God at work,delivering his people from the bondage of

Egypt,this confirmed and is why I decided to do this series on the

Holy Spirit;


I had another picture;

It was a stream and on the surface it looked so calm

and peaceful , but underneath there was more going on

than met the eye, the sky grew dark and a storm seemed to come

from no where.The rains lashed down and soon the peaceful stream became

a raging torrent and the under currents where sweeping up all the debri

from the bottom .What seemed to be so peaceful became

restless,things which had long since gone down to the bottom were

coming to the suface, but after the storm the river returned as before

but now it was no longer the same,some of the debri which had collected

at the bottom of the stream was now gone,swept away.

As we get closer to God so the Holy Spirit reveals things to us,

,those things which we have long

since buried,the Holy Spirit brings these things to the suface. It may

be hurts,rejections,atitudes,memories,whatever it might be ,when the

Holy Spirit brings these to the surface and we become aware of them,

then we need to discern how or what to pray.We may feel the Holy

Spirit saying that we need to ask for forgiveness or we need to forgive

someone,it may be that the Holy Spirit is bringing healing to a certain

part of our lifes,in the end we have to learn to listen to what the

Holy Spirit is saying to us and act upon what we hear, the closer

we get to God the more the Holy Spirit will be expose and bring to

the surface.

What happens to a brook or stream when too much rubbish collects at the

bottom ? the flow of water will be hindered,we need the rain to fall,

the storm to wash away the debri,we need the Holy Spirit to fall and

to wash us clean.

And so the closer we get to God,the more we know his prescence

,the more is exposed,the Holy Spirit revealing;

When the debri comes to the surface what will be seen,when the brook

dries up what will be exposed ?

Mathew 10 v 26,[RSV]

"So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered that will not be

revealed, or hidden that will not be known.

1 Corinthians 4 : 5,[RSV] Therefore do not pronounce judgment before

the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things

now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart.

Then every man will receive his commendation from God.


Satan will attack the weak points,he will see the chink in the armour,

( not everyone would agree with me and I have no problem with that )

but I believe personally that we all have those areas of our lifes

that we hold onto,secret places,things we hold onto for security or

comfort.Are any doors closed or not closed but not open either.



Mark 1:18 And immediately they left their nets , [put down]and

followed him.

We can pick up a lot of baggage along the way,that can weigh us down,

we need to let go,and let God.

I had another picure;

Picture a young child going away on a long trip, the parents call the

child, "hurry up, we are leaving now " the child immediately looks

around the room for security.The child picks up a teddy or a doll or

the favourite game that has been a security to them over time.

We can do the same as this,areas of our lifes can become securities

that we do not want to let go of,( have you ever tried to take the

favourite toy from a child ? ) . These are some of the things the

Holy Spirit can reveal to us.

These areas of our lifes can become part of us,it may be drinking,

smoking,a way of thinking,attitudes,hurts,unforgivesness,anger,


sometimes we just like to hold onto things,they become part of us.

You hear people say , " O they've always been like that,They will

never change " we even put people into boxes because it helps us feel

secure, the enemy knows about these things.

The message is simply this - if we are holding onto anything - it will

slow us down, is anything getting between us and God ?

Like the person [me] who puts things in the loft,just in case they are

ever needed,there comes a time when the loft has to be cleared.

If you do not understand or agree then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal

and give understanding;

The Holy Spirit will reveal these things to us ,we need to hold onto

the rock,Jesus,he is our security,total security.But sometimes it can

be better staying in the boat and when Jesus calls us to walk on the

water we become insecure,we need to focus on Jesus.

Go back to the picture of the child,we need to let go ,we need to

hold onto the rock Jesus,let him be the anchor ,the TOTAL security,

A while ago I started to go from room to room in our house , praying

over everything and for the people who used the room,praying protection

and the Holy Spirits prescence.I then realised that the same applied

to me,the temple of the Holy Spirit,so I started to go through all the

areas of my life { all the different rooms} and asked the Holy Spirit

to reveal things to me.



Picture a desert,dry,barren,hot,everything is still, until the rains

come,then the desert blooms;

Not everything that we like is good for us,sometimes we have to go

through the bad times,like the desert our lifes can be so secure,

peacefull, but its not until the storm comes that we see growth in

our lifes;

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and

all these things shall be yours as well.

Elijah [ I believe] prayed for no rain,not thinking of his own needs,

so that the people might turn to the true, [THE REAL GOD].

To sum up , the closer we get to God the more will be exposed,the more

we will become aware of the Holiness of God;

This is the working of the Holy Spirit,he reveals the word,[brings

revelation] he reveals hidden things of God,he searches us,he will

reveal hidden things in our hearts,sometimes those things we never

knew were there.Why , because he loves us and wants us to get closer

to the Father, a Holy God,a Holy people,


Isaiah 6 v 5;(KJV)

Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean

lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine

eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.

Isaiah 1 v 25;(ASV)

and I will turn my hand upon thee, and thoroughly purge away thy dross,

and will take away all thy tin;


I believe during the time Elijah was by the Brook Cherith, he had much

time to pray,to listen, to hear,to wait on God,to drink from the waters

and to listen to the Holy Spirit of the Holy God,[the real God],we

sometimes want things to happen straight away,we need to learn to wait.

God was working in Elijah,he wants to work in and through us,but first

he cares more about us ,our character,the person we are,we need to let

go and let God,we need God to mold us,shape us,before we move on.{He

leads us beside the quiet waters}

We need to rest by the Brook and wait,let the Holy Spirit do his work

in us,he will show us ,reveal to us,expose,make us more like Christ,to

glorify God,then we move on like Elijah.

I ask myself this question,What voice am I listening to ?

Am I listening ?

Am I hearing but not listening ?

This was a time of strengthening,a time to reflect,a time to listen

and wait on God,we need these times. To listen to the still small voice

(quiet voice) [Good news bible - 1 Kings 19 v 12 ,soft whisper of a

voice] to be still and know that he is God.


v 3. HE LEADS ME BESIDE THE STILL WATERS [or quiet,restful waters];

14 but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never

thirst; the water that I shall give him will become in him a spring of

water welling up to eternal life."

Psalms 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my

enemies; thou anointest my head with oil, my cup overflows.




I will share one more picture to try to put accross one of the things

I believe the Spirit is saying,

One night I had a dream, I was in my house and everything looked

good on the surface, I was talking to people and laughing, but I was

aware there was a prescence, something else. I thought nothing of this

dream until a month later. Then I had the same dream again but this

time I was in a building and everything looked good on the surface, but

then I decided to go down into the cellar (basement) it was dark and

I noticed a prescence, it was not good,there was a door and as I looked

through the door I new there was something there in that room,

something hidden and it was evil.

I can remember shouting out loud " In Jesus name be gone, in the powerfull

name of Jesus " then I would wake up. This same dream came back three

times over a period of five months or so, the last dream I had was

the one that stuck in my mind, it was the same as before but this time,

I came up out of the darkness in the cellar and went outside. Outside

was a church with no walls {the church with no walls} it

had the foundations, it had a front and back but the sides of the

church were missing, it was open for all to see. And I noticed there

was no roof { open to God }. This was when I began to become aware of

the the Holy Spirit working deep down.

God wants us to be the church with without walls, open to the community

around us, open to our neighbours, see through, if you like, he wants

the barriers to come down, so when

people look at us they see not the flesh, not us and what we are doing,

but they see Jesus. The church with no walls {temple} being honest

in everything, holding nothing back, being open, nothing hidden, all

doors being open.



Mathew 9 v 1 - 8, He knew the thoughts of the scribes.

Luke 9 v 46 - 48, He knew what they were thinking in their hearts.

John 4. He told the samaritan woman the secret sins of her life.

Acts 5 v 1- 11, The story of Ananias and Sapphira.


Let nothing be hidden, come Holy Spirit and reveal;





God is always the same,he never changes,but he wants us to move on,

he wants us to advance forward,run the race,when the time came God

told Elijah to move on;

God is moving on,are we being pulled or moving onwards ?

We need to - LET GO AND LET GOD;


Lord God in Jesus name thankyou for revealing those things which

can hinder us and hinder your Holy Spirit,let your Holy Spirit flow

through our lifes,let your Holy Spirit speak deep into our lifes,

and reveal anything which we may not have been aware of.Minister deep

Holy Spirit,bring healing and revelation,bring peace and comfort in

Jesus mighty name amen;

thanks tes johnson