The Gift Of God , Part 7

Post date: 22-Dec-2012 02:54:18


Now lets jump to the first Adam Genesis 2:7

the first adam could not die ! and was created rather than born

Adam was created to be in everlasting communion with God and this was the way it was intended to be

or should we say "made to be" and from the first Adam, made in the image of God, others were reborn or are reborn and continue to be reborn Psalm 104:30

But although God created things this way and in this design, He also forknew that mankind would fall

(being an all seeing all knowing God)

Whereby it is not "sin" that affects us now but rather the result of sin which is the "fall"

and We live in a fallen world

Through one man sin entered the world Romans 5:12 and all have sinned and fallen short Romans 3:23

But as we are reborn ( or born from the original created Adam in the line of )and enter a fallen

world we can be "born again" thus our sins are forgiven and forgotten

Thus we who are seen by God as being covered by the blood of the Lamb are spotless

Even so we still sin being those sins that we know of which are repented of or those sins we are

not aware of which are forgiven

With this in mind we still live in a fallen world and are subject to its decay, being that our bodies

along with all created things are subject to decay

And with this we age and are subject to the fall


With the second Adam, unlike the first Adam we see a "Life giving Spirit" 1 Corinthians 15:45 being born or reborn from the line of human kind yet coming from heaven

So the Son of God could die and indeed that was His mission, to die on a Cross, that His life giving

Spirit could dwell with all , all the time

Unlike the First Adam (before the fall)Jesus could age and was subject to the fall, even though He never sinned

And at death gave up His Spirit Luke 23:46 and not being of this world He suffered and died

This to reconcile man to God

this is why Jesus was the Life Giving Spirit who was subject to the fall yet never sinned that He might die so that His Spirit might be with all for eternity as was intended in the beginning

All this for the reconciliation of man to God

so now we jump back to the story of Jacob and Esau


Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!