Author Gatekeeper (Guardian)

Father God in Jesus name lead us on into a deeper relationship with you, putting aside

anything that may distract us and let us focus on you alone, not looking to the left

or the right but straight ahead,

plant in us a new love, renew that first love, let

us see you in a new and exciting way.

Speak to us like you have never spoken before and let our hearts respond back to you

We give you these heart thoughts and words now lord To your glory in Jesus name amen


Come as you are

I had nothing prepared for this message as I felt God say " leave it "

Nothing exept I knew it was about the theme at this present time on Psalms and it

happens to be Psalm 23 and the message I knew would be about the " Shepherd Father "

And that was it, nothing planned , nothing prepared as I would normally prepare in


So I go to the Church Building to meet other Christians this morning and to worship

God and to have fellowship and I was given the usual newsletter as I marched in

So I opened the Church news letterand there was the message ready prepared to bring

on the centre fold

And of course it was Psalm 23...

He walks amongst us

Our Church is actually doing a series on revelations and the Churches at this moment

in time , and the message was about how " God would see our Church and how He walks

amongst us"

Not just while we are at the Church building but while we go about our normal business

, while we do our nornal chores, while we rest or work or have fellowship with our

"family Church " or " family at home "

He walks amongst us, He walks amongst His Church and He see's everything

This is the Father Shepherd walking ahead, walking behind, walking at the side,

carrying us, walking amongst us, inside of us, beneath us, and above us.

Someone had a word before the message was brought and the word was about "

see Jesus in a new way "

The actual message was focused in revelations and the message

" have we lost our first love "

And so this was the message and the person doing the nesletter just happened to plonk

Psalm 23 in the centre fold !!

And so did this just happen do you think ?

You see last week I heard God say that it would be about Psalm 20 - 22


The Shepherd Father

It was about focus, keeping our eyes on Jesus,

This week Psalm 23....The Shepherd Father

Next week...Psalm 23..THE GREAT SHEPHERD

So do you think this is all coincidence ?

As I drove home I wondered at how God walks among us and knows everything

How He speaks to us individually and as a group or body

I wondered at how He managed to get all these things to coincide together at the same

time, how God spoke to me last week about about the Shepherd Father and how last weeks

message on the nurture blog was about " focus and the vision of the steps "

I wondered as He spoke through an elder of the Church about "focus and keeping our eyes

on Him and seeing Him in a new way and how the message at Church was about " loosing

sight of our first love "

I wondered as I glanced at the newsletter how God made it all come together at the

exact precise time through so many people

A few weeks earlier and it would not have been right, a few weeks later and the time

would have past

I wondered at how God was watching His people and speaking to them and to me.

How it all confirms not just the mesage but it confirms faithwalk, it confirms what

I am doing, it confirms what we are all doing, it confirms that God has planted us


it confirms that the messages and the bible studies we do , (even though they may be

glanced at sometimes as being unsignificant by some,) are being watched over.

It confirms that God is guiding , that nothing is by accident or mistake, that we are

meant to be reading this at this precise time, that God has put it all together to

come together at an exact time.


And this reminds me of a testimony of what happened to me some 23 years ago.

You see I was taking driving lessons so that I could drive the van, at the time our

business was a partnership and we had 5 people but only two drivers and I had to learn

how to drive and my wife was also taking driving lessons at this time.

Well I past much to my amazement "first time " but we had no car ?

No money ...just married....

A week later someone who went to our Church who I did'nt even know died and us a car

in their will...

Well my wife was having problems passing her driving tests so we borrowed the car for the

business until she passed her test, then she had the car

Some 6 months later she passed and she had the car and it just happened that the van

rental business that we rented our vans from had gone bust and were selling the vans

for whatever they could get

And so it just happens at that time that we were able to acquire three vans !!

Coincidence ?

Is'nt it amazing ?

And so lets begin the message

Church newsletter

I am simply going to copy exactly in dulpicate from the Church newsletter I was handed

this morning


These words are an exact duplication of the newsletter

The Shepherd Father

The 23rd Psalm

The Lord is My Shepherd ............thats RELATIONSHIP !!

I Shall not want....................Thats SUPPLY

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures....THATS REST !!

He leadeth me beside still waters ......thats REFRESHMENT !!

He restoreth my soul .................thats HEALING !

He leadeth me in paths of righteouness.....thats GUIDANCE !

For His Names Sake ...Thats PURPOSE !

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, ....thats CHALLENGE !!

I will fear no evil .......Thats ASSURANCE !

For thou art with me .......Thats FAITHFULNESS !

Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me...Thats PROTECTION

Thou preparest a table before me in the prescence of mine enemies....thats HOPE !

Thou anointed my head with oil.....Thats CONSECRATION !

My cup runneth over.....Thats ABUNDANCE !

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life....thats BLESSING !

And I will dwell in the House Of The Lord.....Thats SECURITY !

Forever.....thats ETERNITY

Lord Father God Shepherd of the Sheep you enable us to have a relationship with you through

Jesus The Lamb and you supply our needs as we turn to you because you are all we need our

Jehovah Jireh.

You give us rest and refreshment by the quiet streams and healing as we sup from those

waters.You guide us and give us purpose, You challenge us and give us assurance.

You are Faithful and you protect us with your rod,you give us hope and you anoint us in

abundance,you pour down blessing and we can be secure in you for eternity in Jesus name


thanks tes