Lord God In Jesus name let that beacon Light shine and those lamps be seen, let us hide in you

that you might be seen In Jesus name amen


The Armour Of God

Dancing around the City walls keeps coming to mind and I was reminded that although we are

protected by the walls of Jesus protection in His City and that although Jesus is our City of refuge that He is also our armour

We put on Jesus who is our light and I wonder if we can really take Jesus off ?

As we put on Jesus or should we say " As Jesus envelopes us " or " As Jesus wraps Himself around us " we indeed have the armour of God, for Jesus is the Armour

He is our protector and shield and belt and sword and helmet, He is also the one who initiates

us into action to use the shoes of evangelism to go out into all the world and even these are

shoes that He gives us

I wonder if we can put on the armour of God ?

Or does God put the armour on us ?

Having the armour of Jesus on us, we have His light that shines out in the darkness,

We now will be visible to all


Hidden In Christ

“If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting

at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

For you died, and your Life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ Who is our Life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.” (Colossians 3:1-4 NKJV)

Reading that our lifes are hidden in Christ can bring about teachings a theology that indeed the

enemy cannot see us,

But then we can read yet another seemingly conflicting scripture and what appears on the outside to be a paradox, yet again we see the double edged sword, and we see the flip of the coin as we read

Matthew 5:14

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden

And as we put on the armour of God we put on Jesus

As we display the fruits in our lifes, we display the outward signs of the Holy Spirit working


As we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit we show the relationship we have with the Author of life

We indeed "CAN" be hidden in Christ, but yet be a City on A Hill that cannot be hidden !!

We are there for "ALL" to see, like a light shining out in the darkness and the light that is seen

is not a light that was created in Genesis at the dawning of time, but the light that is seen is the

light of the world, "in us "

A light that is displayed through us as we are hidden in Christ

And we ask the question, " Was Jesus watched and observed by the enemy " ?

"Did Jesus come under attack ?" ..."was Jesus the Light that all saw ?"

And so as we are hidden in Christ we are also seen by all



"And they were shocked and exceedingly astonished, and said to Him and to one another, Then who can be saved?" (Mark 10:26, Amplified)

And so the disciples ask ! "who then can be saved ? "

Jesus met plenty of rich people, in fact many were saved, we see chief tax collectors and sinners

mixing with Jesus, but these rich people had put down their riches and did not try to walk through the eye of the needle, nothing wrong with riches is there ?

You can be rich, many people who follow Jesus are rich, but they do not commit adultery with their riches, they do not make a god of their riches,

They put Jesus first and their riches last, they seek first His Kingdom and find they are rich in Him

You see Jesus takes things to the heart of a person, the New Testament takes things to the heart of a person, here we go from the outside of a cup in the Old Testament , to the inside of the cup

in the New.

You say " I don't lie, murder , steal , commit adultery "

You know we can live our lifes in deception, we can be deceived, we can live a lie !! the rich

young ruler had broken all the commandments and yet there is but one commandment, " love "

not a love that the world calls love, but a love that is from God

And Jesus looked at the rich young ruler in love, because God is Love

All through the Old testament we see God the Father crying out to His love

And His love wandered away and commited adultery with other gods

We all commit spiritual adultery, we all murder in that we all put Jesus on the Cross, our sin

nailed Him there, we all lie in that we can never always keep promises, the list goes on and on

and on

But there is one who never lies, He keeps His promises, He makes us rich, He is Jesus and He lives in people who receive Him

And God the Father looks at Us and see's Jesus

When He looks at us and se's Jesus , The Barrabus is released, and we can know the paradise

today that the thief cannot steal away

There is a day unlike any other day

Today is the day of salvation


Ashes To Ashes

When we entered this world, we entered with nothing, all we had to give was ourselves.

Being knit together by Father God in our mothers womb, what a joy and excitement in heavenly places and joy to our Father God as we started to take our first gasps and began to talk with our eyes

When we come to Jesus The Son of God and are saved, we come with nothing, all we have to give is ourselves.

Being called and purposed and prepared, Father God having knit together the pathway for us to

walk in, we come to a place in our walk where we ask God /Jesus into our hearts, what a joy in heavenly places and an exciting time for our Father God as we start to take our first gasps as Christians and begin to talk to Him

When we enter into the City we come with nothing, all we have to give is ourselves

Being convicted and having a pathway to the City preplanned and purposed, like Joseph , what a joy as Father God welcomes us into His arms and how heaven rejoices as we begin to walk the

first steps in our new bodies and we begin to understand for the first time and to know and we

begin to take our first gasps of Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ the same, Yesterday, Today, And Forever

This morning I had a picture of myself kneeling on the floor and praying and I felt God was telling me to do this

I came to God on my knees with nothing,

What have you got to give ?



Kings bussiness

And so in the walls of the City what do we do ?

Of course We go about the Kings bussiness don't we ?

We give 100% which is acceptable worship, we give our lifes and hearts.

We give our time, our hearts, our lifes, our bodies and all that we are

Luke 10:27

He answered: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

And in the age to come I wonder if on the new earth when all things are made new if we stop ? I do not believe so, I beleive we continue on, for this Christain life is only a training ground for

things to come, a shadow...

And we shall be going about our Fathers bussiness on the new earth,

From the rising of the Sun to the going down of the sun, is the Lords name to be praised...for

He created time and the stars and the seasons for us and so time began as He calls out " I am the Alpha and The Omega , the beginning and ending of all things "

But the Ancient of days continues on past time and throughout eternity

God will be our light on the new earth, there will be no need for day or night, sunrise and

sunset, stars and planets, to dictate the times and seasons, for God wil be our eternal light


And we shall dance in that City


Simple Christian Faith

Gods word is A Sword - Two edges of the same sword or " Paradox " many many in Gods words

thats why its a sword .

We need to be childlike in our faith believing in faith ..not letting adult things get in the way - and yet be mature in our faith, not feeding on milk but on solid food .

It is evident that God speaks to us no matter how much of the bible we have read or even if we

have not read the bible at all, at this point we can have childlike faith, but at the same time we

need to feed and grow so that we will not be blown around like reeds listening to false doctrine,

But be strong in our faith, therein having the knowledge ( not be ignorant as some translations

put it which can be the believers biggest enemy ) this knowledge of the word is our sword,

Being the sword, that we use to defend and attack and God uses in us to cut through the

motives and intentions of the heart in us. .

Too often however this sword is used to attack and it is forgotten the sword has a double edge

and in the use of such a weapon the weapon can strike back at us

This double edged sword can give us the "childlike faith" cutting through the "adult " sensibilities

of intellectual rhubarb and leaving us like children utterly dependent on "Dad"

At the same time compelling us to Himself thus drawing us to His word that gives us the Maturity

of faith

so to conclude



Also do not be surprised once you have used this faith that you are tested, with the increase of

faith comes the increase of testing, with the increase of testing comes the increase of grace and ability to endure


From East to West

The cities of refuge where setup as places to flee to ,for those who were convicted or threatened

or sentenced, they were to be places of refuge sanctuaries, places of safety, fortresses,

These Cities shone out like beacon lights on hills three to the East and three

to the West

The lightning strikes from the East and as unto the West in Matthew 24:27

The wise men who came from the East...

And saw a Star in the East......

"Through the tender mercy of our God. whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way

of peace." Luke 1:78-79

Day spring can be translated simply as "the east."

"But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings" (Malachi 4:2).


Death To Life

You know ,there will be no more sunrise or dayspring on the new earth, for God shall be our light and having gone through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil for Jesus conquered death to rise again and "SPRING" up from death to life.

And so Jesus "Spings"up in our hearts and so we rise up with Him into eternal life

Lord God giveth them light" Revelation 22:5


Renewing of the mind

A new day dawns in the mind of a believer, the old has passed away BEHOLD I MAKE ALL


Indeed the creation is new, like a new day, as the sun rises over the horizon and indeed it does

each and every new day

And the first Light dawns on the new creation and for the first time ... revelation is found in the


Wow the new seeds beging to sprout up on this new day and soon and very soon the growth in

the life of the new believer begins to be seen by others and BEHOLD THE SHEKINAH GLORY

The visible manifestation of God, the visible signs of an inward change are seen by others

What a work to behold as God chnages and begins to change and has changed

Remember we are dealing with a God who is past, present and future !

We are new creations and yet we are being changed and we will be changed in the twinlking of


eye with the last trumpet

Indeed Gods people coming out of Egypt were changed, were being changed and would be changed

Renewing of the mind is not just for OUR benefit.......

Renewing of the mind is for OTHERS benefit as well

As the man who walked through life blaming life said "well things changed when I changed"

Its not so much what we go through but how we go through things

Renewing of the mind benefits others

In evangelism....God will use the person without walls , He will use the person who does not

put up barriers, He will use the person withouit excuses, He will use the person who has a heart

that cares about the person more than the appearance

Lord Father God pray through your Son Jesus ,

We being in the City, wait for the day when we can be in that City........

Lord God we come with nothing and give you 100% of what we have..........

We come as Children of the Light and in so doing become mature adults walking in darkness....

In our blind faith help us to see.......

In Jesus name amen