God Talks To Us

God Talks To Us

Author - kathrina

Today i want to look at something that is very important and is getting more and more

important in my opinion.

I like to call this session: to be sensitive to the way god is talking to us, and train it.

U now may ask, What? Why? What for? How come?

Well last Sunday we had testimony night, some of u might have been there. And as we shared

out testimony’s we could see something really cool happen

On last Thursday, Merle suddenly had the feeling she needed to pray ( she couldn’t sleep) and she stared praying, first for herself, a little later she felt that she had to pray for me.

While she was praying she felt gods peace rising up like a river, and then she went to sleep.

Same time, far far away, I was working late shift. One of my patients is having a trouble time at

the mo, he cant find rest, is always screaming, and seems to be really afraid. His body is always

very tense. He cant speak at all.

Well suddenly, I just went to this patient to turn him on the other side ( cause he cant move himself) when I felt I deep peace raising up like a river in my heart

The peace rose and rose and stared to overflow, I simple had to pray. I prayed, for peace and

that al fear has to go. I could feel that the peace that rose inside me, filling the room and the

patient as well

After about 5min, the man was really quiet, his body stared to rest, he closed his eyes, and

there was no screaming at all.

Isn’t that cool?

God, the holy spirit showed merle to pray for me, she realised that, and fallowd her feelings, even if she didn’t know at all what she was praying for

I trusted my feelings I prayed, eventho I’m not allowed to do this at work

And cause both of us have been sensitive and fallowed what the holy sprit told us to do we actually did change something, and this patient of mine had a peaceful night.

So god talks through our feelings??????’

YES he does.

God talks in many different ways.

Throught the bible,, through a song, through dreams, through thoughts, feelings,


We need to be sensitive.

If our feeling suddenly change, or if someone comes to ur mind, its often the holy spirit . he wants to show us something.

In the beginning, it may be hard to realise when god is speaking, but it is only a matter of


Like when u learn a new language or something new, we need time to train.

We need to ask jesus that he helps us to know when its him speaking, cause not every change of feelings or emotions are from him.

So if we now gonna have a time of prayer, pay attention to ur feelings and thoughts, and if something comes to ur mind, whatever it might be, a pic, a feeling, sudden thought u are free to share it

But there are some rules ( these roles are from the prophetic prayer team from my church, but

I think they are really important)


(time for prayer and giving words of engouraging, it was really gr8)