In the beginning God created the Angel

In the beginning God created the .......Angel



Angels were created long before God began creating the heavens (sky) and the heavens (space)

We know that God created them before time as we know it and that worship was around the Throne long before we were created

We know this because satan - lucifer was cast down upon the earth at creation and we see him

mentioned in Genesis

satan was the chief of heavens orchestras, the most beautiful of the higher ranking angels who

had many followers until pride was found in him

we know that angels must have been worshipping a long time before creation with these facts in mind

So creation began in heaven and then went out beyond heaven

So too the angels marvel and wonder at our "salvation" why ?

Because angels cannot be saved, they do not know of this thing called salvation, hence it is alien

to them, hence satan cannot be saved, he cannot repent

the dark forces of the angelic realm cannot comprehend salvation, and if they had known of the

message of the Cross they would never have have attacked and brought the Son Of God to the Cross using the mob and the people to their advantage

So salvation is alien to angels, so too was the holding back at the Cross as Jesus was held there by our sin, legions of angels looked on waiting for the command to save the Son of God but it

never came

Angels are aliens in the sense that they are of heaven and come back and forth from heaven to


We are aliens in that we are on the earth but ascend to heaven and our prayers bounce back and


we in a sense are the reverse of the angel, in the world but not of the world

The angel is of heaven and not of the earth

God never ceases to continue to create

Creation did not end at genesis or even start at genesis

everytime someone becomes a Christian ....what are they ?

Yes they are "New creations"

we know that one third of the angelic forces were cast down from the heavens where God is,

People often think that therefore heaven is missing one third of its angelic force, what people fail to realise is that God still creates

By now God could have created millions of more angels