The hidden season of our Lifes

I can be my greatest enemy thus letting the enemy take a foothold from my own doing and thoughts

Things could be quite different if Only I could grasp how God see's me and walk in that

To be able to put aside the past and live in the now and future

To get rid of all that luggage and baggage that I would never be able to get through "The eye of a needle"

But I know that God can do all things as I let Him or even if I don't, sometimes He intervenes and drags me out

Why do I expect others to know and see what I see after a few days or years when its taken me over thirty years just to begin to grasp the unmeasurable love of God ? can it be that I am only just beginning myself ?

If only words could be the answer , when all the words in the world cannot even begin to explain or communicate the one I give my life too ?

How can I answer people when they ask "why do you do what you do ? "

How can I explain a relationship ? can you ? even more so love

I am confused the further I go because it makes no sense in this foolish love affair where there is no Author of confusion

How confusing is a love that you cannot explain

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