The earthern Vessel

The earthern Vessel

Our Father who is in heaven


Well heaven is a distinct place, or a place where God is, we have the Holy Spirit in us, thus it is said that we have God in us, if indeed we had God in us (as literal ) we would not live or continue to be alive, we would in affect burn up. therefore we have to say

We have our Father in us in that we have the Son through the Holy Spirit

"He is in me by His Holy Spirit" as in heaven in me cannot be "per angels and angelic hosts and

nothing can contain God as their is no containing God as in an Ark

But here we stand on Holy ground and He washes our feet in as much as He makes us clean

and washes our sin away

That we might be able to stand by the burning bush and be Holy as He is Holy

Holy is His Name in all the earth


This name is Holy but we are made Holy by the "Blood" of Jesus

Here He is in heaven and here we are on earth (In Earth)

And yet His prescence and person can be in our "Ark - vessel" that we can commune with Him and He with us

God , My God, Nothing can contain you

2 Chronicles 6:18

But I live no longer I but Christ lives in me

Galatians 2:20