skydiving,Jude 1:24

skydiving,Jude 1:24,



Sky Diving


We are going to begin with an introduction firstly, to give glory to God and as a testimony

I'm going to let you into my personal relationship with God and let you into our/my conversations that go back and forth so don't tell anyone ....okay ? Matthew 8:4

And so we begin this message with a testimony although the entire bible is a testimony of

God and so too everything that exists and lives and has its being

Over a period of some six months or more a reoccurring dream kept appearing to me but

unlike a dream it was always at waking and always remembered

This dream/vision/picture was of falling

I had always had a dread of falling out of the sky and this fear seemed to be expressing itself

in the dream and on and on it went 3 , 4, 5 times a week for months...until one morning I

thought , "Why are you letting this go on ? "

The picture would always be of me falling down and down and below were clouds and I would

fear that the parachute would not open or that I would not pull the rip cord in time or that something would go wrong and always at this point the picture would stop

It was'nt a nightmare, I had control of this dream or picture, I could stop it whenever I wanted

too and wake but then not be able to get back to sleep again because this picture would keep on

reoccurring over and over

In the dream I was always fearful as I hate the thought of falling without any control , being

completely at the mercy of the parachute...would it open ? would I freeze up and not pull the

chord ? would I pull it at the right height ?

You know when you start skydiving you are put on a trainee parachute, you have a static line

which opens after a few seconds

Then once you become an expert and begin to gain confidence you are an altimeter from which

you can determine altitude, if in the event that your parachute does'nt open you have your

reserve parachute with this you need to pull the rip cord

Imagine jumping from ten thousand feet ?

Some have jumped from such heights and even higher and their parachutes have failed to open

and miraculously they have survived !!

Now I have never skydived and I would rather shoot myself than take part in such a thing, the thought of falling and falling and depending on this parachute to open terrifies me

What if it does'nt open ?

What if I panick ?

What if I freeze up with fear ?

What if ? what if ? what if ?

And yet in life we all jump with nothing to stop us falling...don't we ?

We all trust that "It will work out ! "

Everyone Jumps at some point and jumps in faith, Christian or not...

Maybe it might be a career move, maybe it might be a promotion, maybe it might be starting a bussiness venture..

Maybe it might be moving to another country... maybe it might be moving house or investing

money in something !!

Whatever the jump we make we are depending in faith that it will work out in the end

We all have faith to a certain extent don't we ? everyone has faith , I had faith before I knew

anything about God or Church or Christianity

The difference between normal faith and Christian faith is that the Christian is walking in God

and hopefully jumping in faith into things God is directing them in !!

Sometimes these jumps start off small, maybe at less altitude and with static lines just in

case we have problems..

But as we get bolder and as we grow in God so our jumps get bigger and bigger and bolder and


But its knowing when to pull that rip cord'nt it ?

What will save us if something goes wrong ? doubt , fear, apprehension, creeps in

And so back to the dream that kept reocurring ...

After some months I got annoyed at this dream, I have no idea why I let it go on for so long..

So one day I decided to take control and command of this dream in Jesus name

And so I began to pray through this dream step by step and reinacted the dream in my mind and

as I did so I prayed out loud as each step unfolded as by this time I knew the dream so well I

could recite each piece of the picture backwards

And so I prayed through the dream acting out and visualising each moment and as I once again

fell not ahving another to save me except this parachute I spoke as follows

"Lord I take this ripcord now in Jesus name and I will not fear In Jesus name, I will know when

the time is right to pull this cord and the parachute will open and I see the parachute opening now In Jesus name and I have fallen to safe ground and you are with me in Jesus name amen"

And so I visualised myself on the ground looking up and I was safe....

And after I had gone through the motion of not just speaking out the dream and visualising the

dream but acting out the dream before God , then God spoke back to me

"You will know when the time is right to ask me for help and I will be your saviour from that

situation, you have to learn to listen and to wait for the right time and when the time is right, in

my time, then you will know when to act and at that time I will be the parachute in your dream.

I will be your saviour and I will stop you from falling and in your faith in me , you jumped and

in your Faith in me I will save you, I am the parachute, trust in me, wait on me and be dependent on me, I am the only one who can save you from your situation. when you believe that things are out of your control, when it seems like all is falling around you,remember I am in control and I will guide you when the time is right so that you can pout your feet on solid ground"

And so after this time the dream stopped, it never came back again

And so thats was a kind of insight into my own personal relationship with God and our conversations

shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone

thanks tes johnson