The Gift Of God - Part Two

Post date: 14-Dec-2012 14:01:31


Now at this stage I want to go to Genesis 27:41

[quote]From that time on, Esau hated Jacob because their father had given Jacob the blessing. And

Esau began to scheme: "I will soon be mourning my father's death. Then I will kill my brother,


And here we have emnity between Esau and Jacob

Hosea 12:3 Genesis 25:26 This again is a sign and was a sign of the future predestination of

those who walk "in the strength of God"



And so we have looked brielfy at Genesis 3:15 and the enmity between the serpent (satan)

and "mankind"

and we also saw the seed of the woman mentioned , where one who was born Acts 26:18

.........that is God.........should suffer and die to bring many sons to glory and in doing this

he "WHO IS THE FIRSTBORN" should bruise the serpents heel and that successively, "the Church "should

continue to have emnity with satan throughout the generations and is at war Ephesians 6:12


Now we come to the emnity between Jacob and Esau in Genesis 25:26

At this time Isaac was three score years old and Rebekah gives birth to the two and Jacobs

hand "takes and took and will take" hold of Esau's heel as to pluck him back and be the first

Why did this foretold sign happen ? and why the name Jacob ? , יעקב Yaccob, from עקב akab,

Surely Jacob means to defraud, deceive and to supplant ? it means to take something that does

not belong to you ?

Surely this name is just chance and accident ? surely this man is a deceiver ?

Its not right is it ? to take someone elses birthright ?


And so a Christian is born again and God looks at "His Jacob" sorry mistype.....

God looks at us and see's Jesus and we put on Jesus ! , we take His robe of righteousness...

We become more and more "Like Him" and you could say "we take hold of Him and grasp

onto Him"

And God looks at us and see's (saw,will see) Jesus, which is an acceptable offering Genesis 4:4 -5


And although the Church struggles and wrestles with God and although the flesh in me struggles

and wrestles with the Spirit Romans 7:15 is by Gods strength and by "what He has done"

This wrestling Genesis 32:25 not in his own strength but by strength originating from heaven built

up and strengtened Jacob for future trials Job 23:6

Romans 8:26 and so we prevail through not by anything we have done yet

By our wrestling and struggles we prevail

(think of it as turning on a light....the light switch is there.....all you have to do is getup and turn

it on)