Fruit Of The Spirit : part three

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I,ll give a few examples of prophecy here and you can look for more in Gods Word



Acts 21:11 In this action the prophet took Pauls belt and tied it around his hands and feet as a symbol

of what would happen to Paul if he continued on the pathway he was on



Isaiah 20:2 Amoz took off his Garment that associated him as a "true prophet" this was a garment

such as "John The Baptist" would have worn This garment would have been of goats hair

It was taken off as well as his sandals and this was a prophetic action and symbolised the downfall

of the egyptians who would be conquered and captured by the Assyrians

In this they would have their "office" their position taken and no longer hold the place and position

they had before

Read also 1 Samuel 19:24 and Micah 1:8



Hosea 1:2 Hosea a man of office and position, a man with a goat hair cloth, a Prophet.....

God told Hosea "Go and marry a prostitute"

A wife of whoredoms, a wife who is unfaithful and continues to be unfaithful...

So Hosea did as God had commanded

And this was to be a symbolic picture of the house of Israel

This nation that had adulterised and fornicated with others and had taken to herself all manner of

relations with other gods

In this "Hosea was to be a walking example to the nation of Israel"

A walking open picture of the inner heart of a nation that had walked away from God time and time again



Isaiah 40:3 Malachi 3:1 ; Matthew 3:3

John the Baptist was such a Prophet speaking by action,

Was it by chance that he lived in the wilderness ?

He too wore the hair cloth of a Prophet

The action was to baptise people and this was symbolic and a symbol of repentance

In other words "stop walking in your way and walk in Jesus" TURN AROUND - The lone voice calling out

what is our calling ? go and preach the gospel baptising people .....

An outward sign / symbol of an inner working


A sign of a true Prophet not just prophesying but doing what God says

Their actions being symbolic and prophetic as well as their words (His words)


James 5:17 So Elija prays for no rain and no rain fell for 3 and a half years on that land

Then Elia heard God speak 1 Kings 17:2 and did as commanded Matthew 22:36-40

The Lord God told Elija to go to the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan.

At this time the brook still had water to refresh Elija until the time when it was dry and the ravine hid elija

from king Ahab who would seek to kill him

At this time Elja was also told that God had commanded the "Ravens" to feed him there in

1 Kings 17:4 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] (see also Matthew 8:27

This food being ready prepared read ( Joshua 24:13 and brought by the ravens either from Ahabs own table or from a table ordered by God and

from a people who may have been the 7000 who did not bow their knee to baal or from an unclean

source (being from a people who were unclean) Matthew 15:11


Now lets skip to Acts 10:9-48

Here we see a parallel scripture and the meaning of the vision with the sheet and the unclean animals


Now Back to The Story of Elijah

So to here in this story of the prophet Elija we see that ravens are unclean birds (please don't get

led into believing that the ravens were some type of people or group, these were ravens as in birds

and neither were the animals on the sheet that peter saw ....people or a group of people , but however they were symbolic of)


So the Israelites were not to touch the raven as it was unclean and neither take from this bird

Yet God "commanded" (see other translations apart from the NIV)

God commanded the ravens and Elijah to meet

And so this was a "sign" from the Great Prophet and King who is "God Himself"

see Deuteronomy 18:15 Acts 3:22-23 PROPHETIC ACTION OF GOD THE PROPHET


Now read Luke 4:18-19


18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,o because he has anointed me to proclaim good newsp to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisonersand recovery of sight for the blind,to set the oppressed free,19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Have you seen the sign post yet ?

Look for the signs of the times ....

Elijah meets the Ravens

Rejected by His own people, Jesus walks into the synagogue and reads from the scroll

Luke 4:18-19 and rolls up the scroll

Now in the power of the Spiriit he speaks, Luke 4:24-27

You see a prophet is not accepted in His home town ! So Jesus refers to Elijah being sent to a

widow in Zarephath in the land of Sidon.

Elijah does not go to the poor widows in Israel but goes to the Gentile ones (grafted in)

Jesus does goes to His Israel but proclaims liberty to those He chooses

Captives and dying in sin (widow) to give freedom from oppression

Liberty and sight to the blind and those who walk in darkness to have sight

So God sends Elkijah to a heathen widow in Zarephath, in a heathen country.

He sends a prophet to go to a pagan woman to ask her for water and bread.

And we know Jews did not associate with heathens! They would not enter their houses, they

would not eat bread with them, they would not drink their water John 4:7 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)]

The Prophets of old taught by their actions as well as their words

They prophesied by their actions as well as by the miraculous, so too God the Great Prophet

gave signs along the way (as with the ravens)

So God commanded the Ravens and Elijah to meet

He commanded Elijah and the widow to meet

He commanded a meeting with the gentiles


Mark 16:17 signs and wonders

So signs and wonders will accompany and so we see the signs and wonders in the Old Testament

The signs in themselves being wonders or miracles

So we continue in this study being linked to "the fruit" being that which follows

And we continue with the link to Luke 4:14-29


So Jesus was unable to do many miracles in His hometown becasue of unbelief

So Elijah is directed to "other nations"

At this turn I want to look at the healing of Naaman as mentioned in Luke 4

And ask the question" why were the Jews so angry at Jesus when He mentioned the widow

at Zarephath and the healing of naaman ?

Why did they forcefully lead Jesus to a cliff outside of town with the intention of throwing Him off ?

Well we know that it was not the time for Jesus to die and neither was it the way that He was to die,

hence He walked back through the crowd and went on His way

So lets go to the story of Naaman