History Maker

History Maker

Generational Revival

Revival is started by God, He is the Father, He is responsible as the Father, Its His responsibility

Never think that you can start something without God, Isaiah 61:4

With one wave of His Spirit God could start revival tomorrow, but He wants us to be active participants and that is what the Kingdom of God is about........being active

Psalm 145:4-6 His word is an active word, this is what separates Gods word from any other book, because

in Gods Word you have the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you have the Holy Spirit motivating

and drawing, actively speaking and reacting to yourt heart as you read His Word

Psalm 145:11-13 Once the foundation is set, THEN wait on God, wait on God, wait on God

It is His Kingdom, it is His responsibility, it is for others to respond as they know and are convicted by His Holy Spirit

It is for us to pray and to wait and listen

Habakkuk 3:2

A work of God may go un noticed even throughout generations, something God did through

you will / might affect generations to come, God is the history Maker, We could be the History changers,