the big bang

Post date: 27-Jan-2014 00:15:00

Genesis 1:3

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

In the beginning was God and from the chaotic mass God caused this to spread out across space

This is what scientist call "the big bang"

Not because there was a noise

But because some kind of inner force must have caused this mass to expand out into the space and as the mass expands out so to the space we know that 0=0 and nothing will always equal nothing

Only The Creator could create out of nothing and only One whom was never created

Whereas satan can only create chaos within the confines of that which God created

God could be the only person being eternal to be able to create the material that caused the sudden expanse of all that we know

You cannot begin with nothing as 0=0 so to begin you must have a mass or material this being created by God and then from this chaotic mass God said "let there be light"

The big bang is just a way of the scientist explaining exactly the same thing but without identifying God as the Author I see no reason why science cannot work alongside the Christian belief